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Whole Leader Coaching
Forward thinking professionals  recognize the need to invest in whole leader growth. Developing leaders who are capable of guiding an organization requires business competencies and skills. At the same time, growing leaders who can withstand the demands of running a business while performing at the highest level requires resilience, grit and tenacity. 

The pressure and demands of being a leader is relentless, and that is the hard truth.

We’re here to help.

Leadership coaching bridges the gap of where you are and where you want to be, in all dimensions of your life.  It can be difficult to know where to start.  Our coaches partner with you as you discover the gaps, challenges and obstacles and explore a new way of leading and living.



Supporting C-Suite Executives, Emerging and Senior Leaders, and Professionals  

Leadership and Life Topics Covered:
• Emotional Intelligence and skill building
• Business competencies
• Whole life balance
• Burnout and stress management
• Leadership loneliness
• Interpersonal relationships and communication
• High intensity, high pressure situations
• Change, grief, loss, and transitions
• Parenting challenges


Client Takeaways:

• Skills and strategies to build leadership capacity
• Awareness of strengths and growth edges
• Increase mental and emotional wellbeing
• More energy and enhanced perspectives
• Increase ability to connect with others
• Leverage a growth mindset
• Goal setting and built-in accountability 
• Action plan built on micro-steps
While working with the Arctos coaches, I was able to confidentially share professional and personal dynamics and challenges. I received relevant, impactful, and value-added responses, suggestions and thoughts to consider. I was able to talk through specific situations and strategize how to address, resolve or process. I so appreciated their empathy and compassion and holistic approach.
Wendy Hoffman
Chief People Officer, Divurgent

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps individuals create a roadmap to advance their leadership skills while helping them withstand the pressures, stressors, and demands of life.  Arctos’ Leadership Coaches are trusted partners who empower clients to explore their professional and personal development from a whole person perspective – mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. 

Our approach blends both the art and science of coaching. We use evidence-backed tools and behavior change science to support clients as they develop their leadership competencies and boost their capacity for growth and change.  Clients reconnect to their strengths and values while exploring limiting patterns, habits, and beliefs.  With built in accountability, our clients break through barriers as they work through a realistic plan that allows them to move forward. 

Creating an Immediate Impact.

Applied to Real-World Business Issues. 


Arctos embraces an experiential approach.  Topics covered through the coaching relationship are applied to real-world business and life challenges the leader is facing.  Not only does this approach produce the strongest outcomes, it provides organizations with an immediate return on investment.

We leverage a holistic leadership development model that addresses business competencies and the capacity to withstand the pressures of being a leader at work and at home. This model is a powerful catalyst for professional success, personal growth, and organizational performance.


Leadership Development Focused on the Whole Leader

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"Through coaching, I learned that most of the pressure I was under was due to my own perception not that of my employer. I have a much better working relationship with all of my peers and can control my own outcomes."

-Senior Leader, IT Services 


"With coaching I was able to expand my mindset with reframing/perspective shifting.  I discovered the difference between a growth and fixed mindset which helped me relate better to my team."

-COO, Healthcare Delivery


"With the support of Arctos coaches, I was able to start managing my emotions not only professionally but personally. With the skills I explored, I was able to manage my own time and learn what work life balance was.  I implemented changes to help manage my stress and emotional mindset."

-SVP, Management Consulting

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