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Building Trust and Connection While Strengthening Leaders

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Remote work has left leaders and teams feeling isolated and disconnected. Now more than ever, it's important to invest in leadership development. Hone your leadership skills, strengthen connections, and build resilience with our workshop and retreat experiences. Plan your 2024 event now!

  • We deliver impactful experiences that strengthen leaders by empowering them to take action steps that support their professional and personal growth.
  • Leaders and teams find inspiration, support and accountability through these engaging experiences.
  • Workshops are interactive and led by seasoned coaches who are experts in their field.
  • Coaches introduce creative, hands-on evidence-based content supplemented with engaging group interaction that builds trust and connection within organizations.

NEW: The Power of EQ Workshops

Emotional Intelligence is the single most valuable tool in a leader’s toolbox.  

A leader’s subject matter expertise or technical skills is often seen as the driving factor of success, however, a leader’s ability to communicate, collaborate, inspire, coach, and manage stress is paramount to their effectiveness with teams, employees, customers and suppliers.
Are you ready to be a stronger, more effective leader? Building EQ skills can help you
  • Improve communication 
  • Manage stress
  • Strengthen relationships 
  • Inspire your workforce 
  • Manage conflict 
  • Lead with strength and confidence 

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Workshop and Retreat Topics 

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Optimizing Performance and Recovery
  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Best Practices 
  • The Power of Leading with Purpose
  • Uncovering Your Authentic Values and Strengths
  • Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing
  • Strengthening Mental Fitness
  • Resilient Leadership: Strategies for Preventing Burnout
  • Energy Management for Leaders
  • Renew and Recharge Through Micro-moments


Sustained Growth and Team Empowerment

At Arctos360, we believe in the power of consistent effort for meaningful change. This is why we've crafted a progression of experiences that weave into each other, offering teams the opportunity to explore crucial topics throughout the course of a year. This thoughtful design ensures continuity and time needed to fully develop team trust, cohesion and individual resilience.

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Workshop Takeaways

  • "The retreat was just what I needed. As a CEO, I needed to align our strategy with a process for execution."
  • "I feel inspired, excited, and renewed."
  • "Micro-moments, small steps, can create a huge impact on my life."
  • "Self-care is not selfish – I spend so many hours in the day working on helping others that I cannot forget to help myself."
  • "I feel more connected to my team and thankful for my employer for giving us this opportunity."
  • "I left this workshop feeling energized, motivated and connected."
  • "The work our team did on aligning personal and organizational values was energizing and insightful."
  • "The workshop grounded myself on what is really important to me – this is helpful as I’m managing a lot of stress."
  • "This is a whole new thing for me and I’m discovering a lot about myself. The MAP assessment was insightful and sparked motivation for change."
  • "This allowed me to reflect, reset, and re-connect with my team."

The Arctos Impact

Our experiences help individuals, teams and organizations maximize their growth potential.

Arctos Impact

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"Our leadership teams are stressed, and we needed a program that prevents burnout and supports wellbeing. Arctos360 was the perfect solution.

— Craig Edinger, CEO, The Goodman Group

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