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Looking back, looking forward

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 Here it is – the new year – 2023! 

As we flip the calendar page, it is an opportunity to look back and look forward.

For some, turning the calendar to January is met with hope, excitement, and optimism.  Perhaps it is a time to reimagine new possibilities, new routines, or a new mindset.  For others, the new year might be met with stress, angst, and worry.  Maybe a sense of overwhelm, unfulfillment, or exhaustion cloud your vision, uncertain as to how the year will unfold.  Give yourself permission to be present with whatever thoughts and feelings may come to surface.  Stay curious.

As you embark on 2023, I invite you to give yourself a few moments to pause and reflect on where you are and where you want to go.  Here are some questions that might guide you:

  • How would you like your life to change this year?
  • What do you want to invite more of into your life?
  • What do you need to let go of?

And as you consider your whole person wellbeing, consider these questions:

  • How can you take charge of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Which dimension of health needs your attention right now? 
  • How might you reimagine your wellbeing?
  • What is one small step you can take today?

As an Integrative Wellness Coach and as a human being, I understand life throws us challenges.  As you navigate your wellbeing journey, my wish for you is that you notice your inner strength and resilience as you reflect on how you have overcome challenges of the past year.  As you grow into the possibilities of a new year, my wish for you is to seek genuine connection with others.  And as you create intentional actions, my wish for you is to notice your own growth as you embrace the hope a new year welcomes. 

The team at Arctos is grateful for the opportunity to work with you.  We want to push the envelope as to how workplaces can support whole person wellbeing of their workforce.  Impactful, innovative experiences grounded in human connection are core to what we do and we cannot wait to bring more of this to you.

Wishing all of you health and happiness in the New Year.